Hi There!

Thanks for visiting my little slice of happiness; better known as this quirky blog.

My name is Abbie, and I currently reside in America’s Dairyland with the loves of my life: My mountain man husband, two fiery daughters, and Toby Dog (who is in fact a dog).

I grew up in Upstate NY and spent my younger years in the same small town (birth-college). I met my husband while working at a Starbucks during college. I was a young, smart-mouthed Barista and he was a bearded mountain man living in the woods (in a small cabin built by he and his friends). Love at first sight? No. Love after a shower and a shave? Yes. We began as acquaintances, became co-workers, turned into friends, and fell in love along the way. After I graduated, we moved to a larger city, got married, and waited out the days until he finished his graduate degree.

Not too long after tying the knot, we became preggers with our JBird. Pregnancy sparked our journey to a healthier and more holistic life. No longer were we only responsible for our own bodies; but for another person’s health and well-being too.

In 2010, JBird was born, a thesis was completed, and a job offer was accepted. In the middle of February (2011), we packed up a small car with a tiny 4 month old baby and trekked 1000 (snowy) miles to Wisconsin; and truly beginning our journey as an independent family unit.

In 2013, we welcomed our second daughter, Moon Baby, in the comfort of our own home; surrounded by an amazing birth team. That’s right, a planned home birth! The only thing better than meeting your new baby for the first time, is enjoying a slice of homemade pizza in your own bed within an hour after delivery. I like babies, but I really like pizza.

4 years later, we are settling into our lives as husband, wife, father, mother, homeowners, pet owners, and crazy crunchy hippy-dippy folks. (and loving every second of it…or nearly every second of it).

We’ve got big plans for life. Watch out world. Here we come.