Day 6: My Family

(my little brother aka Uncle X)

I am grateful to have the supportive family that I do. They have always accepted and loved me no matter what.

Day 7: My Nearby Friends

My support system. My pseudo-family. My soulmate sister wives. I am grateful beyond words to have found these amazing friends.

Day 8: My Faraway Friends

The few friends I’ve been close to since elementary school. The handful of friends who I’ve known since high school and college.  All the  other great people whose paths crossed mine before we moved to WI. I am beyond grateful to still have them be a part of my life; despite the long distances.

Day 9: My Neighbors

We won the lottery when it comes to our neighbors. On our small street, each neighbor helps out our little family anyway they can. From helping out with childcare (and giving me a break when Daddy Bear is away), to delivering all sorts of tasty treats just because. We are surrounded by generous and loving people.

Day 10: Staying home with the girls

Even on our not so great days, it’s still the greatest job I’ve ever had. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to stay home with these girls (and Toby Dog). Not only am I enriching their lives, but they are enriching my life as well.